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burr run series anderson

(NBC, 3/28/1967, 120 mins). Raymond Burr found another powerful character as a wheelchair-bound San Francisco chief of detectives, crippled by a sniper’s bullet, in this pilot movie for the long-run follow-up series (1967-75) to his equally long-run “Perry Mason.” Joining Burr in the series as regulars were Don Galloway, Donald Mitchell and Barbara Anderson (later replaced by Elizabeth Bauer). For the movie, Burr and writer Don M. Mankiewicz both were Emmy nominated.

Production Company Universal Television. Director James Goldstone. Producer Collier Young. Teleplay Don M. Mankiewicz, James Goldstone. Based on a Story by Collier Young. Photography John F. Warren. Music Quincy Jones. Editor Edward W. Williams. Art Director Loyd S. Papez. Costumes Grady Hunt.

Cast Raymond Burr (Chief Robert Ironside), Geraldine Brooks (Honor Thompson), Wally Cox (Scoutmaster), Kim Darby (Ellen Wells), David Sheiner (Doctor), Don Galloway (Det. Sgt. Ed Brown), Barbara Anderson (Eve Whitfield), Don Mitchell (Mark Sanger), Lilia Skala (Sister Agatha), Gene Lyons (Commissioner Randall), Joel Fabiani (Dr. Schley), Ayllene Gibbons (Baby Peggy Marvel), Terrence O’Flaherty (Announcer), Eddie Firestone (Wheels Montana), Stuart Margolin (Newsman), Tiny Tim (Coffeehouse singer).

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