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The Islander

larson john glen paul

(CBS, 9/16/1978, 120 mins). A mystery adventure set in Hawaii. This series pilot, which never got anywhere, is about a retired mainland lawyer who buys a small Honolulu hotel and finds himself in a murderous situation involving a runaway grand jury witness, a ruthless mobster, and a racket-busting U.S. senator framed for beating up an airline stewardess.

Production Companies Glen Larson Productions, Universal Television. Director Paul Krasny. Producer Glen A. Larson. Teleplay Glen A. Larson. Photography Ronald W. Browne. Music John Andrew Tartaglia. Theme song performed by Shelby Flint. Editor Bernard J. Small. Art Director Ira Diamond.

Cast Dennis Weaver (Gable McQueen), Sharon Gless (Shauna Cooke), Peter Mark Richman (Lieutenant Larkin), Bernadette Peters (Trudy Engles), Robert Vaughn (Sen. Gerald Stratton), John S. Ragin (Bishop Hatch), Dick Jensen (Al Kahala), Ed Ka’ahea (Kimo), Sheldon Leonard (Paul Lazarro), George Wyner (Sims), Zitto Kazann (Paco), Leann Hunley (Mac’s Wife), Glenn Cannon (Wallace), Jimmy Borges (Sergeant Chow), Danny Kamekona (Sergeant Rojo), Burt Marshall (Reporter), Moe Keale (Henchman), John Fitzgibbon (Charlie Soon), Galen W.Y. Kam (Taxi driver), Kwan Hi Lin (Tiny), Bob Sevey (Commentator).

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