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It Couldn't Happen to a Nicer Guy

walters producer paul ball

(ABC, 11/19/1974, 90 mins). A comedy about a mild-mannered man (Paul Sorvino) who cries “Rape!” and can’t convince anybody he was seduced and abandoned on a lonely highway by a gorgeous woman with a Cadillac and a gun.

Production Company The Jozak Company. Director Cy Howard. Executive Producer Gerald I. Isenberg. Producer Arne Sultan. Teleplay Arne Sultan, Earl Barret. Photography Matthew F. Leonetti. Music Fred Karlin. Editors Carroll Sax, Christopher Holmes. Associate Producer Gerald W. Abrams.

Cast Paul Sorvino (Harry Walters), Michael Learned (Janet Walters), Bob Dishy (Ed Huxley), Adam Arkin (Ken Walters), Eddie Barth (Sergeant Riggs), Roger Bowen (Stu Dotney), JoAnna Cameron (Wanda Olivia Wellman), Barbara Cason (Judge A.J. White), Elaine Shore (Sgt. Rose Templeton), G. Wood (Warren Morgan), Graham Jarvis (Alan Ronston), Sandra Deel (Mrs. Carter), Dick Yarmy (Wineberger), Edward Marshall (Carl Ballagher), Lorna Thayer (Mrs. Gibbs), Ruth Warshawsky (Mrs. Kellogg), Carl Franklin (Hovey), Jack Frey, Arlen Stuart, Patricia Heider, Robert E. Ball, Diane Civita, Helen Ball, Jack Grapes, Howard George, Barbara Barnett.

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