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James A. Michener's “Dynasty”

blackwood william sarah mccullum

(NBC, 3/13/1976, 120 mins). The saga of a pioneer family husband, wife and brother in law torn by jealousy, deception and rivalry in love and business as they seek their fortune on the Ohio frontier. The story, originally entitled “The Americans” and covering a 35-year period starting in the 1820s, looks to be a trial run for Michener’s subsequent American epic, “Centennial.”

Production Companies David Paradine Television, Marjay Productions. Director Lee Philips. Executive Producer David Frost. Producer Buck Houghton. Teleplay Sidney Carroll. Based on a Story by James A. Michener. Photography William H Cronjager. Music Gil Melle. Editor George Jay Nicholson. Art Director Perry Ferguson II. Wardrobe (Sarah Miles) Burton Miller.

Cast Sarah Miles (Jennifer Blackwood), Stacy Keach (Matt Blackwood), Harris Yulin (John Blackwood), Harrison Ford (Mark Blackwood), Amy Irving (Amanda Blackwood), Granville Van Dusen (Creed Vauclose), Charles Weldon (Sam Adams), Gerrit Graham (Carver Blackwood), Stanley Clay (Young Sam), Tony Swartz (Harry Blackwood), John Carter (Benjamin McCullum), Stephanie Faulkner (Lucinda), Rayford Barnes (Majors), Sari Price (Margaret McCullum), Norbert Schiller (Ernst Schmidt), Ian Wolfe (Dr. Klauber), Guy Raymond (McHenry), Don Eitner (Ross), James Houghton (Alfred Brinkerhoff), J. Jay Saunders (Pelley), Brent Jones (Daughter Slate), William Challee (Plunkett), Francis DeSales (Reverend Wheatley), Wonderful Smith (Minister), Gary Lee Cooper, Michelle Stacy, Dennis Larson, Peter Haas, Brian Busta, Debbi Fresh.

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