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James at 15

hunter dan wakefield manulis

(NBC, 9/5/1977, 120 mins). This was the pilot movie for the brief series that began in November 1977, later was retitled “James at 16,” and subsequently disappeared. James is introduced here as a smitten teenager who is separated from his girl when his family moves to Boston from Oregon and, heartsick in his new urban surroundings, runs away, meets an attractive hitchhiking art student on the road, and learns several valuable lessons about life. Kate Jackson won an Emmy Award nomination for her performance in that role. Based on the memoirs of Dan Wakefield..

Production Companies Martin Manulis Productions, Twentieth Century Fox Television. Director Joseph Hardy. Executive Producers Joseph Hardy, Martin Manulis. Teleplay Dan Wakefield. Based on a Book by Dan Wakefield. Photography Charles F Wheeler. Music Richard Baskin. Song “James” performed by Lee H. Montgomery. Editors J. Frank O’Neill, John Loeffler. Art Director Kim Swados.

Cast Lance Kerwin (James Hunter), Linden Chiles (Alan Hunter), Lynn Carlin (Meg Hunter), Kim Richards (Sandy Hunter), Melissa Sue Anderson (Lacey Stevens), Vincent Van Patten (Rip Lindeman), Kate Jackson (Robin), Deirdre Berthrong (Kathy Hunter), Marc McClure (Richie Gammons), Dennis Wayne Rucker (Tiger), Jenifer Shaw (Mrs. Larsen), K Callan (Mrs. Stevens), Anne Seymour (Miss Moger), John Devlin (Salesman), Tom Lacy (Counselor), Benny Medina (Roland), Michael Biehn (Tony), Lanny Horn (Tom).

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