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david richard anderson gerber

(NBC, 3/17/1973, 90 mins). An unrealized series project for Glenn Ford as an erudite investigator specializing in fine arts cases, here tangling with an urbane villain, a bogus preacher, and his nubile, snake dancer niece while tracking down some missing rare biblical scrolls.

Production Companies David Gerber Productions, Screen Gems, Columbia Pictures Television. Director Barry Shear. Executive Producer David Gerber. Producer Richard Maibaum. Teleplay Richard Maibaum. Photography Irving Lippman. Music Allyn Ferguson, Jack Elliot. Editors David Wages, John W. Holmes. Art Director Carl Anderson, Ross Bellah.

Cast Glenn Ford (Sam Jarrett), Anthony Quayle (Bassett Cosgrove), Forrest Tucker (Rev. Vocal Simpson), Laraine Stephens (Sigrid Larsen), Yvonne Craig (Luluwa), Richard Anderson (Spencer Loomis), Herb Jeffries (Karoufi), Elliott Montgomery (Dr. Carey), Lee Kolima (Karageorge), Joseph Paul Herrera (I Knooh), Bob Schott (Gordon), Peter Brocco (Arnheim), Jody Gilbert (Sawyer), Robert Easton (Toby), Stack Pierce (Prison guard), Read Morgan (Casimin), Ted White (Arthur), Frank Arno (Motorman).

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