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Jennifer: A Woman's Story

prince john beal producer

(NBC, 3/5/1979, 120 mins). The widow of a wealthy shipbuilder tries to hold onto his business and becomes involved with boardroom intrigue in her bitter struggle to maintain control of the company. The British TV series “The Foundation” was the basis of this movie. Pilot to a prospective series.

Production Companies Marble Arch Productions, ITC Entertainment Group. Director Guy Green. Executive Producer Martin Starger. Producer Doris Quinlan. Teleplay Richard Gregson. Photography Michel Hugo. Music William Goldstein. Editor Samuel E. Beetley. Art Director Ray Beal.

Cast Elizabeth Montgomery (Jennifer Prince), Bradford Dillman (Donald Prince), Scott Hylands (Lee Devlin), James Booth (George Black), Robin Gammell (Dr. Bob Symon), Michael Goodwin (Jack Dent), John Beal (Prof. Eric Wohlstrom), Doris Roberts (Kay), Kate Mulgrew (Joan Russell), Arthur Franz (Dick Leonard), Basil Hoffman (Neil Turner), Dennis Dimster (Michael Prince), Tracey Gold (Emma Prince), Ted Gehring (Wells/ship foreman), Hope Clarke (Annie/secretary), Momo Yashima (Sarah/maid), John Hillner (Ben Forbes), James Reynolds (Tom/hospital receptionist), Joel Lawrence (Specialist), Fil Formicola (Workman), Whitney Hall (Nurse), Ken Hill (Man at party), Woody Skaggs (Photographer).

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