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The Jericho Mile

patrick nolan mann michael

(ABC, 3/18/1979, 120 mins). A runner, serving a life sentence at Folsom Prison, works at becoming the world’s fastest miler and wins a chance to compete for a spot on the Olympic team. Peter Strauss won the Emmy Award for his work in this film that also was nominated as Outstanding Drama. Patrick Nolan and Michael Mann received Emmy Awards for their teleplay as did editor Arthur Schmidt.

Production Company ABC Circle Films. Director Michael Mann. Producer Tim Zinnemann. Teleplay Michael Mann, Patrick J. Nolan. Based on a Story by Patrick J. Nolan. Photography Rexford Metz. Music Jimmie Haskell. Editor Arthur Schmidt. Art Director Stephen Berger.

Cast Peter Strauss (Larry “Rain” Murphy), Richard Lawson (R.C. Stiles), Roger E. Mosley (“Cotton” Crown), Brian Dennehy (“Dr. D”), Billy Green Bush (Warden Earl Gulliver), Ed Lauter (Jerry Beloit), Geoffrey Lewis (Dr. Bill Janowski), Beverly Todd (Wylene), William Prince (OAU chairman), Miguel Pinero (Rubio), Richard Moll (Jocker Gibb), Edmund Penney (OAU official), Burton Gilliam (Jimmy-Jack), Ji-Tu Cumbuka (Brother Lateef), Wilmore Thomas (“Moo-Moo”), Leroy Haskins (“Too-Cool”), Gaddie Franklin Jr. (Sahib Wahib), John M. Jackson (Boogatoo), Robert L. Jones (“Abba Dabba”), Gilbert Tewksbury (Panfilo David), Benny L. Rapisura (“Kiki” Pardo), Eluterio Rodarte (“Lord Hueva”), Steven White (Charlie Loon), Jimmy Coppola (“Action Man”), Terry Lee Dawson (“Foghorn”), Joe Campoy (Associate Warden), Marcus Colburn IV (Nomoto), Ed Morris (Guard).

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