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The Jordan Chance

john producer raymond productions

(CBS, 12/12/1978, 120 mins). Raymond Burr again portrays a no-nonsense lawyer in this pilot for a prospective series, this time a prominent attorney who in early life spent seven years behind bars for a crime he did not commit and now has established a foundation dedicated to helping those wrongly accused and unjustly convicted, giving them the Jordan Chance.

Production Companies Roy Huggins Productions, R.B. Productions, Universal Television. Director Jules Irving. Executive Producer Roy Huggins. Producer Jo Swerling Jr. Teleplay Stephen J. Cannell. Based on a Story by John Thomas James, Stephen J. Cannell. Photography Enzo A. Martinelli. Music Pete Rugolo. Editor Larry D. Lester. Art Director John D. Jeffries. Associate Producer Dorothy J. Bailey.

Cast Raymond Burr (Frank Jordan), Ted Shackelford (Brian Klosky), James Canning (Jimmy Foster), Jeanne Fitzsimmons (Karen Wagner), Stella Stevens (Virna Stewart), George DiCenzo (Sheriff DeVega), John McIntire (Jasper Colton), Peter Haskell (Lee Southerland), Maria Elena Cordero (Elena Delgado), Gerald McRaney (Sid Burton), John Dennis Johnston (Lew Mayfield), Grant Owens (Mike Anderson), Michael Dan Wagner (Judge Miller), Walt Davis (Ted Teeton), Rod Haase (Terry Prescott), Sylvia Hayes (Sis), Nancy Jeris (Alma Southerland), Julia Benjamin (Girl), Ellen Blake (Anita), Tom Stewart (Deputy DA).

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