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The Judge and Jake Wyler

mcclure william dodd davis

(NBC, 12/2/1972, 120 mins). A lighthearted whodunit involving a retired lady judge (Bette Davis), who is a hypochondriac now running a private detective agency, with a charming ex-con as her leg man (Doug McClure) and various parolees helping in the day-to-day operation. This prospective pilot failed to catch on and later was tried once more with Lee Grant and Lou Antonio in the Davis/McClure roles.

Production Company Universal Television.. Director David Lowell Rich. Producers Richard Levinson, William Link. Teleplay David Shaw, Richard Levinson, William Link. Photography William Margulies. Music Gil Melle. Editor Budd Small. Art Director Alexander A. Mayer. Associate Producer Jay Benson. Costumes Burton Miller.

Cast Bette Davis (Judge Meredith), Doug McClure (Jake Wyler), Eric Braeden (Anton Granicek), Joan Van Ark (Alicia Dodd), Gary Conway (Frank Morrison), Lou Jacobi (Lieutenant Wolfson), James McEachin (Quint), Lizabeth Hush (Caroline Dodd), Kent Smith (Robert Dodd), Barbara Rhoades (Chloe Jones), John Randolph (James Rockmore), Milt Kamen (Mr. Gilbert), John Lupton (Sen. Joseph Pritchard), Michael Fox (Dr. Simon), Rosanna Huffman (Receptionist), Eddie Quillan (Billy Lambert), Celeste Yarnell (Ballerina), Ray Ballard (Harvey Zikoff), Virginia Capers (Mabel Cobb), Myron Natwick (Lyle Jefferson), Harriet E. MacGibbon (Hostess), Stuart Nisbet (Doctor), Steven Peck (Paul), Don Diamond (1st workman), Margarita Cordova (Woman), Khalil Bezaleel (African diplomat).

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