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Judge Dee and the Monastery Murders

lee production movie robert

(ABC, 12/29/1974, 120 mins). A handsomely produced detective movie set in seventh-century China, with a totally distinctive sleuth faced with an unusual case involving his three wives, a killer bear, three murders, a one-armed lady, a dead monk, a chamber of horrors, a vengeful swordsman, a lovesick juggler, a kidnapped nun and a nagging head cold. Every role major, supporting or extra—is portrayed by an Asian, making this another TV movie first.

Production Company ABC Circle Films. Director Jeremy Kagan. Producer Gerald I Isenberg. Teleplay Nicholas Meyer. Based on a Novel by Robert Van Gulick. Photography Gene Polito. Music Leonard Rosenman. Editors John Farrell, Patrick Kennedy. Production Designer Jan Scott.

Cast Khigh Dhiegh (Judge Dee), Mako (Tao Gan), Soon Teck Oh (Kang I-Te), Miiko Taka (Jade Mirror), Irene Tsu (Celestial Wife), Suesie Elene (Miss Ting), James Hong (Prior), Beverly Kushida (Bright Flower), Ching Hocson (White Rose), Yuki Shimoda (Pure Faith), Robert Sadang (Tsung Lee), Keye Luke (Lord Sun Ming), Frances Fong (Mrs. Pao), Tommy Lee (True Wisdom), Richard Lee-Sung (1st driver), Tadashi Yamashita (Motai).

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