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Kate McShane

neuman richard jack charles

(CBS, 4/11/1975, 90 mins). A flamboyant Denver lady lawyer, with the help of her father, a retired cop who does the leg work for her investigations, and her brother, a Jesuit priest and university law professor, unravels a murder case of a society woman who allegedly stabbed her husband. This was the plot for Anne Meara’s short-lived series (1975-76).

Production Companies A.P.A. Productions, Paramount Network Television. Director Marvin J. Chomsky. Producer E. Jack Neuman. Teleplay E. Jack Neuman. Created by E. Jack Neuman. Photography Richard H. Kline. Music John Cacavas. Editor Donald R. Rode. Art Director Monty Elliott. Associate Producer Richard Rosetti.

Cast Anne Meara (Kate McShane), Sean McClory (Pat McShane), Charles Haid (Ed McShane), Cal Bellini (Angelo Romero), Christina Belford (Charlotte Randall Chase), Charles Cioffi (Harold Cutler), Larry Gates (Judge Graham Platte), Stefan Gierasch (Dr. Nate Tishman), Alan Fudge (Dr. Frank McCabe), Marian Seldes (Secretary), Marian Collier (Emily Deigh), Richard Erdman (Frederick DeFernando), Joey Chilelli (Kevin McShane), Mark Hogan (Peter Ames Chase).

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