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Key West

martin producer anthony earl

(NBC, 12/10/1973, 120 mins). An ex CIA operative, running a boat service in Florida with an old buddy, finds himself the target of an ailing tycoon with a score to settle and becomes involved in a chase for evidence incriminating a U.S. senator in this pilot for a prospective series.

Production Company Warner Bros. Television. Director Philip Leacock. Producer Anthony S. Martin. Teleplay Anthony S. Martin. Photography Ben Colman, Ted Voigtlander. Music Frank DeVol. Editor Bill Brame. Associate Producer Donald R. Daves.

Cast Stephen Boyd (Steve Cutler), Woody Strode (Candy Rhodes), Tiffany Bolling (Ruth Frazier), Simon Oakland (Gen. Tom Luker), William Prince (Senator Scott), Ford Rainey (Prescott Webb), Don Collier (Chief Jim Miller), Shug Fisher (Sam Olsen), Sheree North (Brandi), Earl Hindman (Rick), Steven Mendillo (George Lucey), Virginia Kiser (Carol Luker), Tony Giorgio (Joseph Canto), Milton Selzer (Stauffer), Dick Sabol (Bodie), Courtney Brown (Ryder), Bud Owen (Elmo Grant), Earl Widener (Albert).

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