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Killer by Night

robert director

(CBS, 1/7/1972, 120 mins). A doctor’s battle to stem a diphtheria outbreak puts him in conflict with a police captain who is using all his manpower to track down a cop killer. Many elements of this one revive memories of Elia Kazan’s stunning “Panic in the Street” (1950). The original title until the eve of airing: “The City by Night.”

Production Company Cinema Center 100. Director Bernard McEveety. Producer Fred Engel. Teleplay David P. Harmon. Photography Robert B. Hauser. Music Quincy Jones. Editor Ray Daniels. Art Director Jack T. Collis.

Cast Robert Wagner (Dr. Larry Ross), Diane Baker (Dr. Tracey Morrow), Greg Morris (Capt. George Benson), Theodore Bikel (Sgt. Phil “Sharkey” Gold), Robert Lansing (Warren Claman), Mercedes McCambridge (Sister Sarah), Pedro Armendariz Jr. (Dr. Carlos Madeira), Michael Evans (Marley), Robert Cornthwaite (Dr. Bradville), Kelly Thordsen (Sam Kenyon), Ivor Francis (Professor Langley), John Crawford (Counterman), Bryan O’Byrne (Hotel clerk), Bill Bryant (Frank Roland), Jason Wingreen (Dr. Jacobs), Nora Marlowe (Nurse Maggie), Irwin Charone (Manager).

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