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The Killer Who Wouldn't Die

mcdougall following ivan mike

(ABC, 4/4/1976, 120 mins). A former cop who now operates a charter boat service following the unsolved bombing murder of his wife is called on to look into the killing of a close friend, an undercover agent, and ends up in Hawaii entangled in a network of intrigue and espionage. This pilot to an unsold series called “Ohanian” (which happens to be Mike Connors’ real last name) returned Connors to the TV screen following the demise of his long-running “Mannix.”

Production Company Paramount Network Television. Director William Hale. Producers Ben Roberts, Ivan Goff. Teleplay Cliff Gould. Based on a Story by Ben Roberts, Cliff Gould, Ivan Goff. Photography Gert Anderson. Music Georges Garvarentz. Editor Neil MacDonald. Art Director Joseph R. Jennings.

Cast Mike Connors (Kirk Ohanian), Samantha Eggar (Anne Roland), Gregoire Aslan (Ara), Mariette Hartley (Heather McDougall), Patrick O’Neal (Commissioner Pat Moore), Clu Gulager (Harry Keller), James Shigeta (David Lao), Robert Colbert (Doug McDougall), Robert Hooks (Commissioner Frank Wharton), Lucille Benson (Flo), Philip Ahn (Soong), Christopher Gardner (Doug), Tony Becker (Steve McDougall), Kwan Hi Lin (Chew), Leslie Howard Fong Jr. (Jun).

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