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A Killing Affair

sergeant john york producer

(CBS, 9/21/1977, 120 mins). A white woman police detective (Elizabeth Montgomery) and her married black partner (O.J. Simpson) are caught up in a love affair while working on a series of vicious crimes. Subsequently titled “Behind the Badge.”

Production Companies David Gerber Productions, Columbia Pictures Television. Director Richard C. Sarafian. Executive Producer David Gerber. Producer James H. Brown. Teleplay E. Arthur Kean. Photography Al Francis. Music Richard Shores. Editor Ken Zemke. Art Directors Robert Peterson, Ross Bellah. Associate Producer Audrey Blasdel-Goddard.

Cast Elizabeth Montgomery (Viki Eaton), O.J. Simpson (Woodrow York), Rosalind Cash (Beverly York), John Mahon (Detective Shoup), Priscilla Pointer (Judge Cudahy), Allan Rich (Captain Bullis), Charlie Robinson (Buck Fryman), John P. Ryan (Flagler), Dean Stockwell (Kenneth Switzer), Dolph Sweet (Lt. Scotty Neilson), Todd Bridges (Todd York), Fred Stuthman (Lukens Switzer), John Steadman (Cooks), Michael Durrell (Cabrillo), Stephen Parr (Sergeant Boyle), Ed Knight (Kagel), Michael J. London (Sergeant Gould), Morgan Farley (Mr. Macy), Georgia Schmidt (Mrs. Macy), Natalie Core (Mrs. Harrow), Eleanor Zee (Miss Slauson), Karmin Murcelo (Sergeant Bandini), Tony Perez (José Temple), Jay Ingram (Dyer), Jo Ann Lehmann (Virginia Colorado), Sari Price (Mrs. May), Robert Phalen (Sergeant Holt), Gil Stuart (Vincent), Valentina Quinn (Olive Laveta), Cheryl Carter (Feeney), Mary Maldenado (Carmenita), Danil Torppe (Bluesuit), Yolanda Marquez (Mrs. Nogales), Tim Wead (Tetley), James O’Doherty (Saticoy), Fil Formicola (M.D.), Billy Jackson (Black dude), Frank Doubleday (Driver).

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