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Kingston: The Power Play

robert david nelson productions

(NBC, 9/15/1976, 120 mins). This was the pilot film for Raymond Burr’s brief (3/23/77-8/10/77) series about an investigative reporter given a free hand by the head of a chain of newspapers and TV stations, here uncovering a plot to use nuclear power plants to take over the world.

Production Companies Groverton Productions, R.B. Productions, Universal Television. Director Robert Day. Executive Producer David Victor. Producer David J. O’Connell. Teleplay Dick Nelson. Based on a Story by David Victor, Dick Nelson. Photography Sy Hoffberg. Music Leonard Rosenman. Editor Richard G. Wray. Art Director Howard E. Johnson.

Cast Raymond Burr (R.B. Kingston), James Canning (Tony Kolsky), Pamela Hensley (Beth Kelly), Lenka Peterson (Laura Frazier), Bradford Dillman (Avery Stanton), Dina Merrill (Helen Martinson), Biff McGuire (Pat Martinson), Robert Sampson (Sam Trowbridge), Milt Kogan (Lieutenant Vokeman), R.G. Armstrong (Father Reardon), Robert Mandan (Senator Hobath), Martin Kove (Deeley), Claire Brennan (Ethelmae Turner), Stacy Keach Sr. (Dr. Eberly), Reid Cruickshanks (Police

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