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Kiss Me. . . Kill Me

robert michael stella production

(ABC, 5/8/1976, 90 mins). A pilot movie with Stella Stevens as a lady investigator for the district attorney’s office and her relentless search for the killer of a young teacher who appeared to have been a pillar of the community.

Production Companies The Writers Company Inc., Columbia Pictures Television. Director Michael O’Herlihy. Executive Producer Stan Kallis. Teleplay Robert E. Thompson. Photography Meredith Nicholson. Music Richard Markowitz. Editor Arthur D. Hilton. Art Directors Robert Peterson, Ross Bellah. Associate Producer Jay Daniel. Production Executive Carl Pingitore.

Cast Stella Stevens (Stella Stafford), Michael Anderson Jr. (Dan Hodges), Dabney Coleman (Captain Logan), Claude Akins (Harry Gant), Bruce Boxleitner (Douglas Lane), Alan Fudge (Lieutenant Dagget), Bruce Glover (Sergeant Hovak), Morgan Paull (James Deukmajian), Tisha Sterling (Maureen Coyle), Charles Weldon (Leonard Hicks), Pat O’Brien (Jimmy/morgue attendant), Robert Vaughn (Edward Fuller), Steve Franken (DA Murray Tesco), Arnold Soboloff (Bartender), Helena Carroll (Mrs. Harris), Rex Holman (Maureen’s brother), Jessie Lee Fulton (Mrs. Coyle), Peter D. Greene (Jerry), Beverly Dixon (Dorothy), Jack Griffin (Handler), Lucetta Jenison (Meg), Stack Pierce (Sergeant), Burr Smidt (Waldon), Don ‘Red’ Bealle (Desk officer), Al Dunlap (Mr. Harris), Ron Kelly (Plainclothes Officer), Michael Masters (Gym manager), Dar Robinson (Winston).

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