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KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park

john music terry producer

(NBC, 10/28/1978, 120 mins). The uniquely costumed rock group KISS made its acting debut, with the four thwarting a mad scientist attempting to destroy their careers by making robot KISS replicas and turning them loose to create havoc in an amusement park.

Production Companies Hanna-Barbera Productions, KISS productions. Director Gordon Hessler. Executive Producer Joseph Barbera. Producer Terry Morse Jr. Teleplay Don Buday, Jan-Michael Sherman. Photography Robert Caramico. Music Hoyt Curtin. Editor Peter E. Berger. Art Director James G. Hulsey. Fight Scene Music Fred Karlin. Production Executive Louis M. Heyward.

Cast Paul Stanley (KISS member), Gene Simmons (KISS member), Ace Frehley (KISS member), Peter Criss (KISS member), Anthony Zerbe (Abner Devereaux), Carmine Caridi (Calvin Richards), Deborah Ryan (Melissa), Terry Lester (Sam), John Dennis Johnston (Chopper), John Lisbon Wood (Slime), Lisa Jane Persky (Dirty Dee), John Chappell (Snede), Don Steele (Himself), Richard Hein (Guard), Brion James (Guard), Mary Kay Morse (Girl on pyramid), Marc Winters (KISS soldier), Sandra Penn (Mother), Leon Delaney (Father), Bill Hudson (Man in KISS booth).

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