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The Last Angry Man

parelli paul gerald abelman

(ABC, 4/16/1974, 90 mins). An irascible depression era doctor (Pat Hingle) who practices in a Brooklyn tenement neighborhood takes an interest in a local teenager whose hostile behavior he eventually attributes to a brain tumor. This film, a remake of the 1959 movie with Paul Muni in his last screen role, was the pilot for a series that never got on the air.

Production Companies Screen Gems, Columbia Pictures Television. Director Jerrold Freedman. Executive Producer Gerald I. Isenberg. Producer Ernest A. Losso. Teleplay Gerald Green. Based on the Novel by Gerald Green. Photography Jacques R. Marquette. Music Gil Melle. Editor John F. Link. Art Directors Robert Peterson, Ross Bellah.

Cast Pat Hingle (Dr. Sam Abelman), Lynn Carlin (Sarah Abelman), Paul Jabara (Myron Malcolm), Tracy Bogart (Eunice Abelman), Sorrell Booke (Dr. Max Vogel), Penny Santon (Penny), Titos Vandis (Mr. Parelli), Pepe Serna (Mrs. Parelli), Michael Margotta (Frankie Parelli), Andrew Duggan (Dr. McCabe), Ann Doran (Nurse), David Roy (Petey Parelli), Paul Henry Itkin (Paul Parelli).

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