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The Last Convertible

john paul virdon edward

(NBC, 9/24/1979 to 9/26/1979, 3 Parts, 120 mins each, 6 hours). A star-laden adaptation by three writers and three directors of Anton Myrer’s sprawling 1978 novel tracing the lives of five Harvard roommates of the class of ’44 and follows them through the next 30 years. Perry King, Bruce Boxleitner, Edward Albert, John Shea and Michael Nouri are the five in this three-part six-hour miniseries, with Deborah Raffin the romantic focus for each at one time or another. Several stars, like John Houseman and his 30 seconds of screen time, provide the now-traditional TV cameos. An Emmy Award nomination went to Pete Rugolo for his music score.

Production Companies Roy Huggins Productions, NBC Productions. Directors , Sidney Hayers (Part 1) , Jo Swerling Jr. (Part 2) , Gus Trikonis (Part 3) . Executive Producer Jo Swerling Jr. Producer Robert F. O’Neill. Teleplay (Part 1) Philip DeGuere. (Parts 2 and 3) Clyde Ware, Stephen McPherson. Based on the Novel by Anton Myrer. Photography (Parts 1 and 3) Thomas Del Ruth. (Part 2) Edward Rio Rotunno. Music Pete Rugolo. Editors (Part 1) John Kaufman Jr., George R. Potter, John Elias (Part 2) Larry D. Lester. (Part 3) Edwin F. England. Art Director (Parts 1 and 3) Howard E Johnson. (Part 2) Sherman Loudermilk.

Cast Perry King (Russ Currier), Deborah Raffin (Chris Farris), Bruce Boxleitner (George Virdon), Edward Albert (Ron Dalrymple), Sharon Gless (Kay Haddon), John Shea (Terry Garrigan), Michael Nouri (Jean RGR des Barres), Caroline Smith (Nancy Virdon Van Breymer), Stacey Nelkin (Sheilah Garrigan), Tracy Brooks Swope (Liz Baynor), Kim Darby (Ann Rowan), Fred McCarren (Paul McCreed), Pat Harrington Jr. (Maj. Fred Goodman), Martin Milner (Sergeant Dabric), Vic Morrow (Chief Lonberg), Lisa Pelikan (Rosamond Ardley), Stuart Whitman (Col. Hiram Elkhart), John Houseman (Dr. Wetherell), Sam Weisman (Mel Strasser), Jeanna Michaels (Denise), Paul Jenkins (Dance Emcee), David Drucker (Rhino Tannahil), Ron Rubin (Glenn Miller), Aaron Speiser (Arnie Oppenheim), Shawn Stevens (Rob Dalrymple), Peggy Foster (Peggy Virdon), Rosanna Locke (Italian girl), Chip Johnson (Capt. Philip Burrell), Gavin Mooney (Maj. Adrian Hartnell), Carmen Filpi (Bartender [part 2]), Stephen Manley (Paolo [part 2]), Susan Marcotte, Marie Marthay, Debbie Cooper, Kari Walter, Robin T. Williams, Noah Hathaway, Timothy O’Hagan, Vince Torell, Mark Robin, Steve Whitmore, Charles Parks, David Stafford, Jon Van Kline, Chris MacGregor, Scottie MacGregor, Joe Phillips, Paul Phillips.

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