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The Last Day

lyles dalton richard fisher

(NBC, 2/15/1975, 120 mins). A trim A.C. Lyles Western (like the type he made in the 1960s with a stellar cast of veteran actors) that has the Dalton gang riding again, forcing a retired gunman (Richard Widmark) to use his weapons once more in the climactic battle at Coffeyville, Kansas.

Production Companies A.C. Lyles Productions, Paramount Network Television. Director Vincent McEveety. Producer A.C. Lyles. Teleplay Jim Byrnes, Steve Fisher. Based on a Story by A.C. Lyles, Steve Fisher. Photography Robert B. Hauser. Music Carmine Coppola. Editor Mike Vejar. Art Director Jack F. DeShields.

Cast Richard Widmark (Will Spence), Christopher Connelly (Dick Broadwell), Robert Conrad (Bob Dalton), Gene Evans (Charlie Connelly), Richard Jaeckel (Gratt Dalton), Tim Matheson (Emmet Dalton), Barbara Rush (Betty Spence), Tom Skerritt (Bill Powers), Loretta Swit (Daisy), Morgan Woodward (Ransom Payne), Kathleen Cody (Julie Johnson), Jon Locke (Player), Bryan O’Byrne (Clerk), William Brawley (Oates), Shug Fisher (Seaman), Douglas V. Fowley (Sheriff Heywood), Logan Ramsey (Riley), Doreen Lang (Agnes Broadwell), Harry Morgan (Narrator).

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