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The Last Hurrah

o’connor carroll paul mike

(NBC, 11/16/1977, 120 mins). Carroll O’Connor wrote and starred in this second screen adaptation of the 1956 bestseller (previously filmed by John Ford in 1958 with Spencer Tracy) about the aging and ailing head of a big time political machine who schemes to stay in power and win a fourth term. Emmy nominations went to Burgess Meredith and Mariette Hartley for supporting actor and actress.

Production Companies O’Connor Becker Productions, Columbia Pictures Television. Director Vincent Sherman. Executive Producer Terry Becker. Producers Franklin R. Levy, Mike Wise. Teleplay Carroll O’Connor. Based on the Novel by Edwin O’Connor. Photography Gerald Perry Finnerman. Music Peter Matz. Editors Les Green, Bernard Balmuth. Art Directors Ross Bellah, Robert Purcell.

Cast Carroll O’Connor (Frank Skeffington), Leslie Ackerman (Prudy Cass), John Anderson (Amos Force), Dana Andrews (Roger Shanley), Robert Brown (Nat Gardiner), Jack Carter (Sam Weinberg), Tom Clancy (Ditto Boland), Brendan Dillon (John Gorman), Arthur Franz (Hack Wiles), Alan Hamel (George Sherrard), Mariette Hartley (Clare Gardiner), Burgess Meredith (Cardinal Burke), Stewart Moss (Winslow), Patrick O’Neal (Norman Cass), Paul Picerni (Dr. Mike Santangelo), Patrick Wayne (Robert Skeffington), Kitty Winn (Maeve Skeffington), Mel Stewart (Herb Ripley), Katherine Bard (Grace Minihan), Bill Quinn (Jimmy Minihan), Sandy Kenyon (Kane), James B. Sikking (Monsignor Killian), Arthur Batanides (Ben Morrow), William Benedict (Willie Degman), Ricki Williams (Elaine), Harry Basch (Editor), Lane Allan (Major O’Sullivan), George Barrows (Tomasino), Jack Griffin (Walsh), Sal Vecchio (Narone), Paul Napier (Collins), Mike Walden (TV announcer), Dennis McMullen (Sgt. Bill Sullivan), Larry McCormick (Election announcer), Barbara Schillaci (Meg Stone), Paul Lawrence (Restaurant captain), Elise O’Connor (Mrs. Cusack).

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