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Last of the Good Guys

o’malley robert flicker jay

(CBS, 3/7/1978, 120 mins). Comedy drama about a bunch of police rookies who conspire to convince their hard nosed sergeant that a seriously ill fellow officer, two weeks away from retirement, is on the job, and who, when he suddenly dies, try to hide the fact so that his family can collect his full benefits.

Production Company Columbia Pictures Television. Director Theodore J. Flicker. Producer Jay Daniel. Teleplay Howard Clark, John D. Hess, Theodore J. Flicker. Photography Emmett Bergholz. Music Dana Kaproff. Editor Robert L. Swanson. Art Directors Robert Peterson, Ross Bellah.

Cast Robert Culp (Sergeant Nichols), Dennis Dugan (Off. Johnny Lucas), Richard Narita (Off. Tash Namaguchi), Ji-Tu Cumbuka (Off. Marv Pulaski), Hampton Fancher (Off. George Talltree), Marlyn Mason (Lill O’Malley), Larry Hagman (Sgt. Frank O’Malley), Elta Blake (Marnie), Jonathan Harris (Dr. Cropotkin), Roger Bowen (Mr. Stit), Ernie Hudson (El Caliph), Bob Robertson (Benita Juarez Zapata), Merie Earle (Fanny), Howard Honig (Lester), James Hong (Japanese man), Matthew Tobin (Captain Schuck), Lu Leonard (Heavy woman), Ina Gould (Old lady), Earl Boen (Bureaucrat), Ernest Anderson (Uncle Stan), Anthony Battaglia (John O’Malley), J.A. Miller (Jay O’Malley), Tim Haldeman (Officer), Joi Staton (Neighbor), Jamie Daniel (Oscar), Red Manning (Grilian).

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