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The Last Ride of the Dalton Gang

poker player jack curtis

(NBC, 11/20/1979, 180 mins). A somewhat lighthearted view of the Dalton Gang’s legendary raid on Coffeyville, Kansas, and the years leading up to it as the brothers head up a gang of horse thieves and train and bank robbers, with their archenemy, railway detective Will Smith, constantly nipping at their heels. The film is framed, curiously, by aged brother Em Dalton, living in Hollywood during the 1930s, trading his eyewitness account to a newspaper reporter in exchange for a drink. Originally scheduled as a four-hour film called “Raid on Coffeyville,” it finally aired in this shortened version.

Production Company Dan Curtis Productions. Director Dan Curtis. Executive Producer Dan Curtis. Producer Joseph Stern. Teleplay Earl W. Wallace. Photography Frank Stanley. Music Bob Cobert. Editor Dennis Virkler. Art Director Ned Parsons.

Cast Cliff Potts (Bob Dalton), Randy Quaid (Grat Dalton), Larry Wilcox (Em Dalton), Sharon Farrell (Flo Quick), Jack Palance (Will Smith), Dale Robertson (Judge Isaac Parker), Matt Clark (Bitter Creek/George Newcombe), Royal Dano (Pa Dalton), Julie Hill (Julie Williams), John Karlen (Charlie Powers), Mills Watson (Bill Dalton), Elliot Street (Potts), Terry Kiser (Nafius/reporter), Bo Hopkins (Bill Doolin), John Fitzpatrick (Texas Jack Broadwell), Don Collier (Frank Dalton), James Crittenden (Hugh McElhennie), Dennis Fimple (Blackface/Charlie Bright), Eric Lawson (Willie Powers), R.G. Armstrong (Leland Stanford), Kathleen Freeman (Ma Dalton), Harris Yulin. (Jesse James), Harry Townes (Reverend Johnson), Jorge Moreno (Archulleta), Scott Brady (Poker player), H.M. Wynant (Poker player), Jack Collins (Poker player), Robert Karnes (Poker player), Sid Conrad (Poker player), Orin Cannon (Bartender), Dean Smith (Deputy), Tony Palmer (Stationmaster), Larry Block (Leroy Keenan), Mitch Carter (Gunfighter), Buff Brady (Buffalo Bill), Allen Williams (Preacher), John Calvin (Hollywood cop).

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