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The Last Survivors

anne producer francis west

(NBC, 3/4/1975, 120 mins). This uncredited remake of the 1957 Tyrone Power movie “Abandon Ship” recounts the agony of a ship’s officer who must decide which passengers in an overcrowded lifeboat are to be sacrificed so that the majority can survive an approaching typhoon.

Production Companies Bob Banner Associates, NBC Productions. Director Lee H. Katzin. Executive Producer Bob Banner. Producer Tom Egan. Teleplay Douglas Day Stewart. Photography Michel Hugo. Music Mike Melvoin. Editors George Watters, Melvin Shapiro. Art Director Fredric P. Hope. Costumes Guy Verhille.

Cast Martin Sheen (Alexander Holmes), Diane Baker (Marilyn West), Tom Bosley (Marcus Damian), Christopher George (Duane Jeffreys), Bruce Davison (Michael Larrieu), Anne Francis (Helen Dixon), Percy Rodrigues (Rudi Franco), Anne Seymour (Susie Mansham), Bethel Leslie (Inez Haynes), Mel Stewart (Sid Douglas), Margaret Willock (Nancy Victor), Lonny Chapman (David Broadhead), Beulah Quo (Mrs. Peters), Eugene Roche (Prosecutor), William Bryant (Captain Harris), Linda Dano (Linda Collison), Steve Franken (Don West), Leif Garrett (Billy Wright), Alex Henteloff (Francis Askin), Andrew Stevens (Checkerman).

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