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Law and Order

o’malley brian sergeant jack

(NBC, 5/6/1976, 180 mins). Three generations of New York City cops are the focal point of this three-hour saga revolving primarily around the Deputy Chief of Public Affairs caught up in the politics and intrigue of the department, the discovery that his father had been on the take, and the news that his youngest son is having second thoughts about carrying on the family tradition. The movie, based on Dorothy Uhnak’s 1973 book, subsequently was edited to two hours for syndicated showings.

Production Companies P.A. Productions Inc., Paramount Network Television, NBC Productions. Director Marvin J. Chomsky. Producer E. Jack Neuman. Teleplay E. Jack Neuman. Based on the Novel by Dorothy Uhnak. Photography Jacques R. Marquette. Music Richard Hazard. Editor Donald R. Rode, Gerald J. Wilson. Art Director Robert E. Smith. Associate Producer Richard Rosetti.

Cast Darren McGavin (Dep. Chief Brian O’Malley), Keir Dullea (Johnny Morrison), Robert Reed (Aaron Levine), James Olson (Insp. Ed Shea), Suzanne Pleshette (Karen Day), Teri Garr (Rita Wusinski), Biff McGuire (Lieutenant Lenihan), Jeanette Nolan (Margaret O’Malley), Scott Brady (Sgt. Brian O’Malley Sr.), Will Geer (Pat Crowley), Art Hindle (Patrick O’Malley), Allan Arbus (Arthur Pollack), Whitney Blake (Mary-Ellen Crowley), Tom Clancy (Hennessey), James Whitmore Jr. (Pete Caputo), Lurene Tuttle (Mrs. Brian O’Malley Sr.), James Flavin (Captain Toomey), Paul Jenkins (Lt. Kevin O’Malley), Robert Hegyes (Angelo), Beverly Hope Atkinson (Lola), Brad Dexter (Patrolman Tierney), Redmond Gleeson (Rev. Martin O’Malley), Jack Knight (Lieutenant Fitzgerald), Patrick O’Moore (Father Damian), Frank Ramirez (Rodriguez), Marian Collier (Sister Providencia), Fredd Wayne (Sergeant Haran), Paul Lichtman (Rabbi Schulman), Dan Priest (Sergeant O’Connor), Harry Basch (Sergeant Feldman).

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