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Law of the Land

martin john producer 1st

(NBC, 4/29/1976, 120 mins). Originally called “The Deputies,” this pilot movie for a prospective series (referred to as “The Rookies on Horseback”) follows a frontier lawman and his young deputies in their frantic search for a psychopath with a vendetta against prostitutes.

Production Companies Quinn Martin Productions, NBC Productions. Director Virgil W Vogel. Executive Producer Quinn Martin. Producer John Wilder. Supervising Producer Russell Stoneham. Teleplay John Wilder, Sam H. Rolfe. Photography William W. Spencer. Music John Parker. Editor Marston Fay. Art Director Albert Heschong.

Cast Jim Davis (Sheriff Pat Lambrose), Don Johnson (Quirt), Cal Bellini (Tom Condor), Nicholas Hammond (Brad Jensen), Darlene Carr (Selina Jensen), Barbara Parkins (Jane Adams), Moses Gunn (Jacob), Andrew Prine (Travis Carrington), Glenn Corbett (Andy Hill), Charles Martin Smith (Dudley), Dana Elcar (Rev. Mr. Endicott), Ward Costello (E.J. Barnes), Paul Stevens (Dwight Canady), Barney Phillips (Doctor), Patti Jerome (Dutch Annie), Regis J. Cordic (Judge), Georganne La Pierre (Lila), Murray MacLeod (2nd cowboy), James Griffith (Clerk), Grant Goodeve (Soldier), David Cass (1st hand), Louie Elias (2nd hand), Grainger Hines (1st cowboy), Keith Atkinson (Reporter).

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