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The Legend of the Golden Gun

william robert custer katleman

(NBC, 4/10/1979, 120 mins). This engaging Western, a pilot for a prospective series and an homage to the cowboy movies of yore, has a handsome, dazzlingly blond young farmer team up with a Bible quoting runaway slave to track down the infamous Quantrill. He learns how to shoot from a legendary gunslinger who convinces him to be a fighter for law and justice and save the seventh bullet in his special gun for evil. “Imagine ‘Star Wars’ as a Western” was the publicity ploy for this one, which evoked the names of the greats of the Old West and had General Custer himself turning up with a twinkle in his eye, a corn-cob pipe in his mouth, and, like a later military figure, promising Sitting Bull: “I shall return.”

Production Companies Bennett-Katleman Productions, Columbia Pictures Television. Director Alan J. Levi. Executive Producers Harris Katleman, Harve Bennett. Producers B.W. Sandefur, Dan Cohan. Teleplay James D. Parriott. Photography Gerald Perry Finnerman. Music Jerrold Immel. Editor Robert F. Shugrue. Art Directors Robert Peterson, Ross Bellah.

Cast Jeff Osterhage (John Colton), Carl Franklin (Book/Joshua Brown), Hal Holbrook (Jim Hammer), Keir Dullea (Gen. George A. Custer), Robert Davi (William Quantrill), Michele Carey (Maggie Oakley), John McLiam (Jake Powell), Elissa Leeds (Sara Powell), R.G. Armstrong (Judge Harrison Harding), R.L. Tolbert (Buffalo Bill), William Bryant (William Ford), J. Brian Pizer (Captain Marks), Rex Holman (Sturges), Budge Taylor (Dr. Wheller), Walt Davis (3rd soldier), Michael Yama (Photographer), David Holbrook (Young outlaw).

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