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The Letters

“the paul anderson andersons”

(ABC, 3/6/1973, 90 mins). Three interconnected stories about nine people whose lives are drastically changed by letters delayed a year in delivery. Pilot to a prospective series.

Production Companies Spelling-Goldberg Productions, ABC Circle Films. Directors “The Andersons” and “The Parkingtons” Gene Nelson, “The Forresters” Paul Krasny. Executive Producers Aaron Spelling, Leonard Goldberg. Producer Paul Witt. Teleplays “The Andersons” and “The Forresters” James G. Hirsch; Teleplay “The Parkingtons” Ellis Marcus, Hal Sitowitz,. Photography “The Andersons” and “The Parkingtons” Tim Southcott, “The Forresters” Leonard J. South. Music Pete Rugolo. Editors Carroll Sax, David R. Berlatsky, Robert L. Swanson. Art Director Tracy Bousman. Associate Producer Tony Thomas.

Cast Henry Jones (The Postman), “The Andersons: Dear Elaine” John Forsythe (Paul Anderson), Jane Powell (Elaine Anderson), Lesley Ann Warren (Laura Reynolds), Trish Mahoney (Stewardess), Gary Dubin (Paul Anderson Jr.), Mia Bendixsen (Lisa). “The Parkingtons: Dear Penelope” Dina Merrill (Penelope Parkington), Leslie Nielsen (Derek Childs), Barbara Stanwyck (Geraldine Parkington), Gil Stuart (Michael), Orville Sherman (Minister). “The Forresters: Dear Karen” Pamela Franklin (Karen Forrester), Ida Lupino (Mrs. Forrester), Ben Murphy (Joe Randolph), Shelly Novack (Sonny), Frederick Herrick (Billy), Ann Noland (Sally), Brick Huston (Officer), Charles Picerni (1st man).

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