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Letters from Three Lovers

“dear monica” spelling clerk

(ABC, 10/3/1973, 90 mins). This successor to “The Letters” (1973) and the second pilot for a proposed series once more offers three interconnected stories in which three letters, delayed a year, change the lives of a young couple separated by a jail sentence, a suburban housewife involved in a love affair, and two vacationers pretending to be wealthy.

Production Company Spelling-Goldberg Productions. Director John Erman. Producers Aaron Spelling, Leonard Goldberg. Teleplays (“Dear Vincent” and “Dear Maggie”) Ann Marcus. Teleplay (“Dear Monica”) Jerome Kass. Photography Tim Southcott. Music Pete Rugolo. Editor Roland Gross. Art Director Tracy Bousman. Associate Producer Parke Perine.

Cast Henry Jones (The Postman): “Dear Vincent” Belinda Montgomery (Angie), Martin Sheen (Vincent), Logan Ramsey (Wilson), Lou Frizzell (Eddie), James McCallion (Al), Claudia Bryar (Apartment manager), J. Duke Russo (Harry), Frank Whiteman (Officer). “Dear Monica” June Allyson (Monica), Robert Sterling (Bob), Barry Sullivan (Joshua), June Dayton (Jeanne), Roger Til (Maitre d’), Amentha Dymally (Maid), Howard Morton (Desk clerk). “Dear Maggie” Ken Berry (Jack), Juliet Mills (Maggie), Lyle Waggoner (Sam), Dan Tobin (Thompson), Ellen Weston (Donna), Kathrine Baumann (Girl at pool), Mavis Neal (Jewelry clerk), Bill McClean (Irate man), Ed Fury (Man at pool).

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