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The Life and Assassination of the Kingfish

robert collins edward karlin

(NBC, 3/21/1977, 120 mins). A lavishly detailed dramatization of the events leading up to the 1935 assassination of Huey Long, Louisiana’s Depression era governor and U.S. senator. An Emmy Award nomination went to Ric Waite for his evocative cinematography. Original title: “Every Man a King.”

Production Company Tomorrow Entertainment. Director Robert Collins. Executive Producer Thomas W. Moore. Producer Paul Leaf. Teleplay Robert Collins. Photography Ric Waite. Music Fred Karlin. Song “Kingfish” by Fred Karlin. Performed by Randy Newman. Editor Patrick Kennedy.

Cast Edward Asner (Huey Long), Nicholas Pryor (Manners), Diane Kagan (Rose Long), Fredric Cook (Earl Long), Dorrie Kavanaugh (Alice Grosjean), Gary Allen (J.R.), Donegan Smith (Harley Bozeman), Stanley Reyes (Seymour Weiss), Rod Masterson (Murphy Roden), Steven Ramay (Russell Long), Jake Staples (O.K. Allen), Wilbur Swartz (Gerald L.K. Smith), Tom Alden (Dr. Vidrine), Edward Hoerner (Dr. Rives), Jean Mayre (Sister Michael), Brooks Read (Representative Fruge), Jerry Leggio (Jack Williamson), Don Draper (Desobre), Walter Krousel (House Speaker), Elliott Keener, J. Frank Lucas, Robert Adams, Don Lutenbacher, Pat McNamara, James Steele, B.J. Hopper, Stocker Fontelieu, Ted Airhart, Bill Holliday, Nick Kreiger.

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