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Like Mom, Like Me

michael nancy gruen schwartz

(CBS, 10/22/1978, 120 mins). The problems of a college professor and her teenage daughter facing a new life after being deserted by the husband/father are explored in this drama, adapted from the novel by “Like Mother, Like Me,” by Sheila Schwartz. Nancy Malone, an actress in the 1940s who found a new career as a TV executive, produced this film and plays a small role.

Production Company CBS Entertainment Productions. Director Michael Pressman. Producer Nancy Malone. Teleplay Nancy Lynn Schwartz. Based on a Novel by Sheila Schwartz. Photography Brianne Murphy. Music Lee Holdridge. Editor Millie Moore. Art Director Albert Heschong.

Cast Linda Lavin (Althea Gruen), Kristy McNichol (Jennifer Gruen), Patrick O’Neal (Philip Sanford), Max Gail (Henry Millen), Stacey Nelkin (Tao Wolf), Michael LeClair (Peter), Lawrence Pressman (Michael Gruen), Clark Brandon (Kevin), Michael Thoma (Woodhill), Carroll Reynolds (Sam Light), Richard Blake (Doorman), Carver Barners (Desk clerk), Babbet Bram (Waitress), Michele Laurita (Melissa), Nancy Malone (Jackie).

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