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Like Normal People

robert age meyers roger

(ABC, 4/13/1979, 120 mins). This fact based drama about a pair of mentally retarded young adults who face angry resistance when they decide to marry is virtually identical to the TV movie “No Other Love,” which premiered three weeks earlier. Rock singer and teen idol Shaun Cassidy made his dramatic acting debut in this film. Robert Meyers’ 1979 book was based upon his mildly retarded brother Roger.

Production Companies Christiana Productions, Twentieth Century Fox Television. Director Harvey Hart. Producer Joanna Lee. Teleplay Joanna Lee. Based on a Book by Robert Meyers. Photography Charles F. Wheeler. Music John Addison. Editor Harry Keller. Art Director Stan Jolley.

Cast Shaun Cassidy (Roger Meyers), Linda Purl (Virginia Rae Hensler), Zalman King (Bill Stein), James Keach (Robert Meyers Jr.), Michael McGuire (Robert Meyers Sr.), Hope Lange (Roz Meyers), Maureen Arthur (Aunt Kate), Jack Murdock (Lloyd Davis), Jimmy Gatherum (Roger at age 11), Doreen Lang (Grandma Teresa), McKee Anderson (Dorothy), Miriam Byrd-Nethery (Billie), Carmen Zapata (License clerk), Fritzi Burr (Mrs. Patterson), Rhea Perlman (Jan), Frankie Kabott (Robert at age 18), Dick Billingsley (Roger at age 4), Dago Dimster (Robert at age 9), Danny Williams (Bobby at age 5), Ken Medlock (Ray), Michael Hughes (Caffey), Fred D. Scott (William), Christopher Ciampa (Tony), Julie Haddock (Amy), Jennine Riley (Donna), Dave Turner (Tully), Michael Fairman (Lieutenant Anderson), Ed Ness (Doctor), Suzanne Kent (Dee), Hu An Tsan (Tracey Ann Chue), Cooper Neal (Sullivan), Steve Butts (Casey), Adam Gunn (Gordon), Marty Smith (Stewart), Jamie Silvani, Bruce Katzman, Alex Kubik, James-Burr Johnson, Peter Burnell, T.J. Castronovo, Shepherd Sanders.

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