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(ABC, 10/9/1974, 90 mins). Strikingly similar to the short story chiller “Laningen and the Ants” (filmed by Paramount in 1953 as “The Naked Jungle”), this tale has a menacing swarm of locusts advancing on the Midwest, forcing a young World War II pilot, discharged as unfit to fly, to attempt to conquer his personal terror and dispel his father’s shame.

Production Companies Carson Productions, Paramount Network Television. Director Richard T Heffron. Executive Producer Michael Donohew. Producer Herbert J. Wright. Teleplay Robert Malcolm Young. Photography Jack Woolf. Music Mike Post, Pete Carpenter. Song by Stephen Geyer. Song “Harvest” performed by Herb Pederson. Editor Neil MacDonald. Associate Producer Judith Coppage.

Cast Ben Johnson (Amos Fletcher), Ron Howard (Donny Fletcher), Katherine Helmond (Claire Fletcher), Lisa Gerritsen (Sissy Fletcher), Belinda Balaski (Janet Willimer), Rance Howard (Aaron), Robert Cruse (Cully Cullitan), William Speerstra (Ace Teverley), Bob Koons (Blauser), Bob Hoffman (Tom), Les Kimber (Jim), Jacqueline Dunckel (Mrs. Heusen), Jack Goth (Hank), Nancy Dunckel (Lilah), Michael Zawadski (Dr. Brant), Michael James (Cory), Mary D. Kent (Bess), Trevor Hayden (Ramaden), William Barry (Bus driver), Richard Dayton (Lloyd).

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