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The Loneliest Runner

michael landon john curtis

(NBC, 12/20/1976, 90 mins). A teenage loner who happens to be a gifted athlete must cope with personal shame and the angry accusations of his parents, especially his demanding mother, over his chronic bedwetting, although his shame ironically results in his eventually becoming an Olympic gold-medalist runner. Michael Landon based this story on his own teenage experiences. Photographer Ted Voigtlander and editor John Loeffler each received an Emmy nomination.

Production Companies Michael Landon Productions, NBC Productions. Director Michael Landon. Producer Michael Landon. Teleplay Michael Landon. Photography Ted Voigtlander. Music David Rose. Editor John Loeffler. Art Director Walter M. Jeffries. Associate Producer Kent McCray.

Cast Lance Kerwin (John Curtis as a youth), Brian Keith (Arnold Curtis), DeAnn Mears (Alice Curtis), Melissa Sue Anderson (Nancy Rizzi), Rafer Johnson (Himself), Michael Landon (John Curtis as an adult), Randy Faustino (Tony), Dermott Downs (Donnie), Walker Edmiston (Doc Claymer), Herb Vigran (Security guard), Cliff Bellow (George Sanders), Neil Russell (Fred Dawkins), Robert Hackman (Mr. Rizzu), Barbara Collentine (Miss King), Hank Stohl (Assistant director), Mona Bruns (Cashier), Bill Dearth (Policeman).

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