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The Lonely Profession

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(NBC, 10/21/1969, 120 mins). A detective tale about a no-nonsense private eye (Harry Guardino) who looks into the murder of the mistress of one of the world’s wealthiest men. Originally this was to have been called “The Savarona Syndrome,” and it was a pilot for a series that failed to materialize. Based on Douglas Heyes’ 1963 novel, “The Twelfth of Never.”

Production Companies Roy Huggins Productions, Universal Television. Director Doug Heyes. Executive Producer Roy Huggins. Producer Jo Swerling Jr. Teleplay Doug Heyes. Based on a Novel by Doug Heyes. Photography Ralph B. Woolsey. Music Pete Rugolo. Songs performed by Barbara McNair. Editor Robert Watts. Art Director Robert Luthardt. Associate Producers Carl Pingitore, Steve Heilpern.

Cast Harry Guardino (Lee Gordon), Dean Jagger (Charles Van Cleve), Barbara McNair (Donna Travers), Joseph Cotten (Martin Bannister), Ina Balin (Karen Menardos), Dina Merrill (Beatrice Savarona), Jack Carter (Freddie Farber), Troy Donahue (Julian Thatcher), Stephen McNally (Lt. Joseph Webber), Fernando Lamas (Dominic Savarona), Kermit Murdock, Hal Hopper, Vince Williams, Duane Grey, John S Ragin.

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