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(ABC, 2/23/1971, 90 mins). A New Orleans-based insurance investigator, blinded in an explosion, tracks down the man who killed his wife and took his sight. This was the pilot to the short lived series (1971-72) that starred James Franciscus, with Peter Mark Richman replacing Bradford Dillman as his boss and Marlyn Mason taking over the role of his Braille teacher/romantic interest from Martine Beswick. Of interest: Bruce Lee had a continuing part instructing Longstreet in the art of Kung Fu.

Production Company Paramount Network Television. Director Joseph Sargent. Executive Producer Stirling Silliphant. Producer Joseph Sargent. Teleplay Stirling Silliphant. Based on Characters Created by Baynard Kendrick. Photography Howard R. Schwartz. Music Robert Drasnin. Editor George Jay Nicholson. Art Director William L. Campbell.

Cast James Franciscus (Michael Longstreet), Bradford Dillman (Duke Paige), John McIntire (Dr. Dan Stockton), Jeanette Nolan (Alice Longstreet), Martin Beswick (Nikki Bell), Barry Russo (Lt. Kirk Gantry), Judith Jones (Ingrid Longstreet), Barney Phillips (Dr. Richards), Martin Kosleck (Von Marks), Lisabeth Field (Nurse), Lincoln Demyan (Inspector), James DeCloss (Police sergeant).

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