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Look What's Happened to Rosemary's Baby

original ruth duke maharis

(ABC, 10/29/1976, 120 mins). This sequel to Roman Polanski’s 1968 classic chiller traces the growth to adulthood of the half human/half-demon child whose life is a macabre battleground between human and satanic forces. Ruth Gordon re creates her original film role, and Patty Duke Astin and George Maharis take over where Mia Farrow and John Cassavetes left off. Originally this one was to have been titled simply “Rosemary’s Baby II,” which is what it is called in syndication.

Production Companies Culzean Corporation, Paramount Network Television. Director Sam O’Steen. Producer Anthony Wilson. Teleplay Anthony Wilson. Based on an Original Idea by Ira Levin. Photography John A. Alonzo. Music Charles Bernstein. Editor Bob Wyman. Art Director Lester D. Gobruegge.

Cast Stephen McHattie (Adrian/Andrew), Patty Duke Astin (Rosemary Woodhouse), Broderick Crawford (Holtzman), Ruth Gordon (Minnie Castavet), Lloyd Haynes (Laykin), David Huffman (Peter Simon), Tina Louise (Marjean Dorn), George Maharis (Guy Woodhouse), Ray Milland (Roman Castavet), Donna Mills (Ellen), Philip Boyer (Adrian/Andrew at age 8), Brian Richards (Dr. Lister), Beverly Sanders (Interviewer), Buck Young, Andy Stone.

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