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Louis L'Amour's “The Sacketts”

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(NBC, 5/15/1979 and 5/16/1979, 2 Parts, 120 mins each, 4 hours). A traditional sagebrush saga based on two novels (“Sackett” and “The Daybreakers”) by Louis L’Amour, the foremost Western author on the contemporary scene, and the first dramatized for television of the 74 he has written (11 are about the Sackett family). This four-hour movie focuses on the three Sackett brothers in New Mexico territory after the Civil War, seeking their fortunes, avenging a family killing, driving cattle, and fighting for law and order.

Production Companies Netter-Scott Productions, Shakalo Enterprises. Director Robert Totten. Producers Douglas Netter, Jim Byrnes. Teleplay Jim Byrnes. Based on Novels by Louis L’Amour. Photography Jack A. Whitman. Music Jerrold Immel. Editor Howard Smith Production Designer Johannes Larson. Art Director Tambi Larsen.

Cast Sam Elliott (Tell Sackett), Tom Selleck (Orrin Sackett), Jeff Osterhage (Tye Sackett), Glenn Ford (Tom Sunday), Ben Johnson (Cap Roundtree), Gilbert Roland (Don Luis Alvarado), John Vernon (Jonathan Pritts), Ruth Roman (Rosie), Jack Elam (Ira Bigelow), Gene Evans (Benson Bigelow), L.Q. Jones (Beldon), Paul Koslo (Kid Newton), Mercedes McCambridge (Ma Sackett), Slim Pickens (Jack Bigelow), Pat Buttram (Tathill), James Gammon (Wes Bigelow), Buck Taylor (Reed Carney), Lee deBroux (Simpson), Marcy Hanson (Laura Pritts), Ana-Alicia (Drusilla), Wendy Rastatter (Ange Kerry), Shug Fisher (Purgatorie barkeep), Frank Ramirez (Juan Torres), Ramon Chavez (Pete Romero), Henry Capps (Boyd), Tom Waters (Hobes), Brian Libby (Durango), Kimo Owens (Fetterson), Mai Gray (Harlot), Bill Hart (Rodale), Monique St. Pierre (Delilah), Malcolm Watt (Preacher), Pamela Earnhardt (Mary), Don Collier (L.P. Seeker), James O’Connell (Long Higgins), Buddy Totten, R.L. Tolbert, Bruce Fischer, Anakorita, Billy Cardi, Mark Wales, Patrick Mahoney, John Copeland, Rusty Lee, Dick Kyker, Earl Smith, Melvin Todd, David G Herrera, C.B. Clark, Richard Jamison, Ken Plonkey, Russell Cox Jr., James Almanear.

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