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A Love Affair: The Eleanor and Lou Gehrig Story

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(NBC, 1/15/1978, 120 mins). A sentimental retelling of the love story of baseball immortal Lou Gehrig and his wife, told from her point of view. Originally this was to have premiered in October 1977, but ironically it was preempted by the World Series. Instead it had its initial airing opposite the Super Bowl Game! An Emmy Award nomination went to Blanche Hanalis for her adaptation of Eleanor Gehrig’s 1976 book, “My Luke and I,” written with sportwriter Joseph Durso.

Production Companies Charles Fries Productions, Dick Berg-Stonehenge Productions. Director Fielder Cook. Executive Producers Charles Fries, Dick Berg. Producer David Manson. Teleplay Blanche Hanalis. Based on the Autobiography by Eleanor Gehrig with Joseph Durso. Photography Michel Hugo. Music Eddy Lawrence Manson. Editor David Newhouse. Art Director Herman Zimmerman.

Cast Blythe Danner (Eleanor Gehrig), Edward Herrmann (Lou Gehrig), Patricia Neal (Mrs. Gehrig), Gerald S. O’Loughlin (Joe McCarthy), Ramon Bieri (Babe Ruth), Jane Wyatt (Eleanor’s Mother), Georgia Engel (Claire Ruth), Michael Lerner (Dr. Canlan), David Ogden Stiers (Dr. Charles Mayo), Gail Strickland (Dorothy), Valerie Curtin (Kitty), Jennifer Penny (Jennifer), Lainie Kazan (Sophie Tucker), Robert Burr (Joe Durso), James Luisi (Tony Lazzeri), Wynn Erwin (Yankee executive), William Wellman Jr. (Bill Dickey).

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