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The Love Boat

havlicek richard director teleplay

(ABC, 9/17/1976, 120 mins). This was the pilot for the hit series, packed with familiar TV names and faces, interweaving several comedy stores of the misadventures of passengers and crew aboard a California to Mexico cruise ship.

Production Company Douglas S. Cramer Productions. Director Alan Myerson, Richard Kinon. Producer Douglas S. Cramer. Teleplays “Mona Lisa Speaks” and “Til Death Do Its Part” by Carl Kleinschmitt. Teleplay “Mr. And Mrs. Havlicek Aboard” by Robert Iles, James R. Stein. Teleplay “Are There Any Real Love Stories” by Dawn Aldredge, Marion C. Freeman. Photography Tim Southcott. Music Charles Fox. Editors Bob Moore, Jerry Dronsky. Art Director Tracy Bousman. Associate Producer Henry Colman.

Cast Don Adams (Donald Richardson), Tom Bosley (George Havlicek), Florence Henderson (Monica Richardson), Gabriel Kaplan (Stan Nichols), Harvey Korman (Clifford), Cloris Leachman (Iris Havlicek), Hal Linden (Andrew Canaan), Karen Valentine (Ellen Carmichael), Ted Hamilton (Capt. Thomas Allen Ford III), Dick Van Patten (Dr. Adam O’Neil), Theodore Wilson (Isaac [the Bartender]), Sandy Helberg (Gopher [the Yeoman Purser]), Joseph J. Sicari (Nino [the Steward]), Terri O’Mara (Gerry Landers [the Cruise Director]), Richard Stahl (Danny DiMarco), Kathryn Ish (Dena DiMarco), Jimmy Baio (Arnold Merrit), Joyce Jameson (Louella McKenzie), Beverly Sanders (Rita Merritt), William H. Bassett (First Officer), David Man (The Photographer), Laurette Spang (Juanita Havlicek), Jetta Seear (Binaca), Ric Carrott (Richard Garrett III), Montana Smover (Momma), Mary Patton (Martha), Linda Borgeson (Dolores), Harry Wilmot (Bud Larsen), Timothy Wayne (Newlywed), Linda Hutson (Newlywed).

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