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The Macahans

william jim director producer

(ABC, 1/19/1976, 150 mins). A buckskin-clad mountain scout helps to move his parents, his brother and sister-in-law and their four children westward in 1860 ahead of the impending war in this sweeping drama based on the film “How the West Was Won.” James Arness returned to acting in this one after 20 years as Matt Dillon in “Gunsmoke,” and he later continued in the once-in-a-while series (1977-79), also called “How the West Was Won.”

Production Companies Albert S. Ruddy Productions, MGM Television. Director Bernard McEveety. Executive Producer John Mantley. Producer Jim Byrnes. Teleplay Jim Byrnes. Photography Edward R. Plante. Music Jerrold Immel. Editor Robbe Roberts. Art Director Carl Anderson.

Cast James Arness (Zeb Macahan), Eva Marie Saint (Kate Macahan), Richard Kiley (Timothy Macahan), Bruce Boxleitner (Seth Macahan), Kathryn Holcomb (Laura Macahan), William Kirby Cullen (Jeb Macahan), Vicki Schreck (Jessie Macahan), Gene Evans (Dutton), Victor Mohica (Billy Joe), Frank Ferguson (Grandpa Macahan), Ann Doran (Grandma Macahan), Ben Wilson (Henry Jethro), Mel Stevens (Doc Dodd), Rudy Diaz (Chief Bear Dance), John Crawford (Hale Crowley), W. Vincent St. Cyr (Ponoa Chief), F. Allen Livers (The Runner), Jim Ward (Mountain man), Skip Lowell (Dying rebel), Tom Stovall (1st rebel), Jack Wallwork (Commanding Officer of Fort Randall), Ben Zeller (Cavalry officer), Wright King (Infantry captain), William Bryant (Major at Shiloh), Mayf Nutter (Jenkins), Henry Olek (Grayson), Charles Kuenstle (Sergeant Hodges), Claude Johnson (Wounded soldier), Clark Bar (Aide), Lloyd Nelson (Sentry), Jonathan Banks (Woodward), Herb Robins (Polk), Joe Kurtzo (Stenner), Cliff Stevens (Bartender), Bill Zuckert (Caldwell), Hal Baylor (Lawman), I. Stanford Jolley (Farmer), William Conrad (Narrator).

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