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Mad Bull

producer steckler karkus len

(CBS, 12/21/1977, 120 mins). A love story between a hulking wrestler, whose life in the ring has little meaning, and an attractive woman who sees through his muscleman veneer to discover a sensitive human being.

Production Companies Steckler Productions, Filmways. Director Len Steckler, Walter Doniger. Executive Producer Len Steckler. Producer Richard M. Rosenbloom. Teleplay Vernon Zimmerman. Photography Jacques R. Marquette. Music Al DeLory. Editors Scott Conrad, Thomas Stamford. Art Director Bill Hiney. Associate Producer William Ross.

Cast Alex Karra (Iago “Mad Bull” Karkus), Susan Anspach (Christina Sebastiani), Nicholas Colasanto (Duke Sallow), Elisha Cook (Sweeper), Danny Dayton (Eddie Creech), Chris DeRose (Anthony “The Executioner” Yarkus), Richard Karron (Yapopotsky-”The Cave Man”), Steve Sandor (Jack “The White Knight” Braden), Titos Vandis (Theo Karkus), Tracey Walter (Coley Turner), Bill Baldwin (TV announcer), Dennis Burkley (Earl Lewis), Walker Edmiston (TV interviewer), Eddra Gale (Queenie), H B. Haggerty (Mr. Clean), Laurie Heineman (Delia), Ernie Hudson (Black Bart), Harry Landers (Dr. Bradford), K.C. Martel (Alex Karkus), Mike Mazurki (Tidy), Eddie Quillan (Rafferty), Count Billy Varga (Referee), Jimmy Lennon (Himself), Regis Philbin (Raymond Towne), Charles Waggenheim (Panhandler), Russell Shannon (Cab driver), Simmy Bow (Fan), Patrick Campbell (Body shop worker), Dale Ishimoto (Smitty), Hal Smith (Customer), Barbara Boles (Marie), Harry Landers, Rozelle Gayle, Ila Britton, Bonnie Wiseman, Virginia Peters, Douglas Deane, Al Dunlap, Bradley Lieberman, Merie Earle, Dolores Sandoz, Kathleen Hiethala.

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