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The Magician

joseph bill series bixby

(NBC, 3/17/1973, 90 mins). In this pilot for the 1973-74 series, a dapper magician uses the wizardry of his craft to help people in distress and exposes a staged plane crash when asked by the mother of one of the victims to check into a possible conspiracy. In the later series, Bill Bixby, Keene Curtis and Jim Watkins were joined by Joseph Sirola as the fictional manager of Hollywood’s real life House of Magic, the club frequented by magicians where the shows were filmed. The title of this TV movie and the subsequent series had nothing to do with Ingmar Bergman’s famed, similarly titled 1959 classic.

Production Companies B & B Productions Inc, Paramount Network Television. Director Marvin J Chomsky. Producer Barry Crane. Teleplay Laurence Heath. Based on a Story by Joseph Stefano. Photography Robert Hoffman. Music Patrick Williams. Editors Donald R. Rode, Larry Strong, Mike Vejar. Art Director William L. Campbell.

Cast Bill Bixby (Anthony Dorian), Keene Curtis (Max Pomeroy), Joan Caulfield (Lulu), Kim Hunter (Nora Coogan), Elizabeth Ashley (Sallie Baker), Barry Sullivan (Joseph Baker), Allen Case (Adams), Signe Hasso (Madame Parga), Jim Watkins (Jerry), Anne Lockhart (Mary Rose Coogan), Todd Crespi (Dennis), Richard Van Fleet, Lorelei Sebring, Cami Sebring, Tol Avery, Jeff Morris, Bill Quinn, Holly Irving, Johnny Hamer.

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