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The Magnificent Magical Magnet of Santa Mesa

gerber executive jack freddie

(NBC, 6/19/1977, 90 mins). A Disney like comedy about a naïve young scientist whose employers try to steal his invention an energy disk that can solve the world’s energy crisis. Originally this film had been scheduled to premiere nearly three months earlier under the title “Adventures of Freddie.”

Production Companies David Gerber Productions, Columbia Pictures Television. Director Hy Averback. Executive Producer David Gerber. Producers Hy Averback, James H. Brown. Teleplay Dee Caruso, Gerald Gardner. Photography William K. Jurgensen. Music Allyn Ferguson, Jack Elliot. Editor Asa Boyd Clark. Art Directors James G. Hulsey, Ross Bellah. Costumes Grady Hunt.

Cast Michael Burns (Freddie Griffith), Dick Blasucci (Cal Bixby), Jane Connell (Ida Griffith), Keene Curtis (Mr. Undershaft), Susan Blanchard (Marcie Hamilton), Conrad Janis (Mr. Kreel), Tom Poston (Willard Bensinger), Susan Sullivan (C.B. Macauley), Harry Morgan (J.J. Strange), Loni Anderson (Miss Daroon), Alex Sharp (Alex), Zachary B. Charles (Man in van), Jack Frey (Photographer), Martin Azarow (Lombardi), Hal Floyd (Hessler), Gary Giem (Young executive), Linda McClure (Secretary in van), William Hubbard Knight (Security guard), Lindy Davis (Western Union boy).

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