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Mallory: Circumstantial Evidence

robert marshal mark deputy

(NBC, 2/8/1976, 120 mins). After many years, first as Perry Mason and then as Robert T. Ironside, Raymond Burr starred in this pilot about a prominent lawyer with a tarnished reputation who defends a young man charged with committing homicide in prison.

Production Companies Crescendo Productions, R.B. Productions, Universal Television. Director Boris Sagal. Producer William Sackheim. Teleplay Joel Oliansky, Joseph Polizzi. Based on a Story by Tom Greene. Photography Russell Metty. Music James DiPasquale. Editor Robert F. Shugrue. Art Director John Corso. Associate Producer Stuart Cohen.

Cast Raymond Burr (Daniel Mallory), Robert Loggia (Angelo Rondello), Roger Robinson (Cliff Wilson), Mark Hamill (Joe Celli), Peter Mark Richman (John Shields), A Martinez (Roberto Ruiz), Victor Mohica (Tony Garcia), Eugene Roche (Bob Lattimer), Allan Rich (Judge Paul Pieter), Philip Sterling (Richmond), Joyce Easton (Sandra Wiley), Cliff Emmich (Ron Weimer), William Lucking (George), Stanley Kamel (Cole), Alexander Courtney (Richardson), Karen Somerville (Sandy), Jay Varela (2nd Deputy Marshal), Sandy Ward (1st Deputy Marshal), Wil Albert (Esterhazy), J. Jay Saunders (Interviewing officer), Dan Barrows (Bartender), Mark Travis (O’Rourke), John Finnegan (Deputy Marshal Vieter), Richard Eastham (Executive), Harry Hickox (General).

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