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A Man Called Intrepid

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(NBC, 5/20/1979 to 5/22/1979, 3 Parts, 120 mins each, 6 hours). A fanciful three-part, six-hour suspense drama inspired by William Stevenson’s bestselling account (1976) about the formation of an Allied espionage network during World War II by a wealthy Canadian using his own funds. David Niven made his TV movie debut as the man behind the operation.

Production Companies Lorimar Productions, Astral Film Enterprises, CTV Television Network, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Director Peter Carter. Executive Producers Harold Greenberg, Lee Rich, Philip Capice. Producer Peter Katz. Producer (Canada) Jim Hanley. Teleplay William Blinn. Based on a Book by William Stevenson. Photography Brian West. Supervising Editor Eric Wrate. Music Robert Farnon. Editors Martin Pepler, Tony Lower. Art Director Claude Bonniere. Production Designer Keith Wilson. Associate Producer Gordon L.T. Scott.

Cast David Niven (Sir William Stephenson), Michael York (Evan Michaelian), Barbara Hershey (Madelaine), Paul Harding (Colonel Juergen), Flora Robson (Sister Luke), Peter Gilmore (Gubbins), Renée Asherson (Mrs. Wainwright), Nigel Stock (Winston Churchill), Ferdy Mayne (Alexander Korda), Gayle Hunnicutt (Cynthia), Shirley Steedman (Anna), Belinda Mayne (Deidra), Larry Reynolds (Nils Bohr), Joseph Golland (Albert Einstein), Chris Wiggins (Heisenberg), Dick O’Neill (Bill Donovan), Ken James (J. Edgar Hoover), Shane Rimmer (Willoughby), Ian Sharp (Junior Gestapo officer), George Waring (German Naval officer), Hillary Lebow (Ingrid), Christopher Irwin, Dick Grant, Lorna Brown, Reg Lye, Bruce Boa, Leon Green, Colin Fox, Brian Stirner, Paul Shelley, Edward Dentith, David King, Jo Dunlop, John Quentin, Spencer Banks, Sue Vanner, Jack McKenzie, William Greaves, Adrian Gibbs, Roger Owen, Tony Stephens, Chris Jenkinson, Marianne Stone, Lincoln Wright.

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