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Man from Atlantis

scientist receptionist art producer

(NBC, 3/4/1977, 120 mins). A scifi drama about a water breathing humanoid, the last survivor of an underwater habitat called Atlantis, and his encounter with earthlings. The subsequent series was short-lived (September-December 1977).

Production Companies Solow Production Company, NBC Productions. Director Lee H. Katzin. Executive Producer Herbert F. Solow. Producer Robert H. Justman. Teleplay Mayo Simon. Photography William H. Cronjager. Music Fred Karlin. Supervising Editor Dann Cahn. Editor Gary Griffen. Art Director Jack Poplin.

Cast Patrick Duffy (Mark Harris), Belinda Montgomery (Dr. Elizabeth Merrill), Dean Santoro (Ernie Smith), Art Lund (Adm. Dewey Pierce), Victor Buono (Mr. Schuburt), Lawrence Pressman (Cmdr. Phil Roth), Mark Jenkins (Lieutenant Ainsley), Allen Case (Lt. Cmdr. Johnson), Joshua Bryant (Dr. Doug Berkley), Steve Franken (Doctor), Virginia Gregg (Whale scientist), Curt Lowens (Emil), Charles Davis (British scientist), Lilyan Chauvin (French scientist), Vincent Duke Milana (American scientist), Alex Rodine (Russian scientist), Philip Baker Hall (George), Marguerite DeLain (1st receptionist), Trudy Marshall (Woman at party), Michael J. London (Popeye), Robert Dore (Diver), Michael Watson (Diver), Connie Izay (1st Nurse), Judd Laurance (Intern), James Chandler (Man on beach), Pat Anderson (2nd receptionist), Akemi Kikumura (3rd receptionist), Larry Holt (Ambulance driver), Peter Weiss (Test lab technician), Maralyn Thomas (2nd nurse), Phillip Roye (Intern), Cheryl Robinson (X-ray technician), Scott Stevenson (Boy on beach).

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