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The Man in the Santa Claus Suit

astaire fred eddie travis

(NBC, 12/23/1979, 120 mins). Holiday season fantasy in which Fred Astaire turns up as eight different characters to help change the lives of three total strangers who have made their way to a costume shop to rent Santa Claus outfits for various reasons. Along the way, he introduces a new song, “That Once a Year Christmas Day.” Astaire and Nanette Fabray are reunited for the first time since “The Band Wagon” in 1953.

Production Company dick clark productions. Director Corey Allen. Executive Producers Al Schwartz, Dick Clark. Producer Lee Miller. Teleplay George Kirgo. Based on a Story by Leonard Gershe. Photography Woody Omens. Music Peter Matz. Song “That Once a Year Christmas Day” by Charles Fox, Norman Gimbel. Song performed by Fred Astaire. Choreographer Diane Arnold. Editor Lovel Ellis. Art Director Frank Swig.

Cast Fred Astaire (Costume Shop Proprietor/Driver/Jeweler/Policeman/Cab Driver/Floor Walker/Choral Director/Santa Claus), Gary Burghoff (Bob Willis), John Byner (Stan Summerville), Bert Convy (Gil Travis), Tara Buckman (Polly Primer), Brooke Bundy (Linda Travis), Eddie Barth (Babyskin), Ron Feinberg (Bruno Betinger), Nanette Fabray (Dora Dayton), Harold Gould (Dickie Dayton), Ray Vitte (Eddie), Debbie Lytton (Melissa), Pat Petersen (Lance), Danny Wells (Chandler), Carlo Imperato (Dom), Andre Gower (Terry Travis), David Greenam (Rod Sanborn), Majel Barrett (Miss Forsythe), Sascha Von Scherler (Shopper), Eddie Ryder (Hans), Tony La Torre (Angelo), Ted Thurston (Clerk).

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